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  1. Mikhail says:

    One of my all time favorite nighttime strains. I am vaping it and it delicious in oil or flower. I don’t find it as strong as some describe but it’s so great to end a day with. Helps my otherwise frequent insomnia. Highly recommend.

  2. BriceGuckY says:

    Skywalker og is a heavy hitter. Not for the novice. Couple of hits and it gets you where you need. Get greedy and you’ll be taking a nap. Good for pain and just relaxing. Just dont sit still for too long. Great taste in any apparatus

  3. BrirceVox says:

    I struggle heavily with anxiety. This strain erases it!! I’m so grateful. If you are a nervous, anxious, panicky person, please give this one a whirl!🥰 Also, recommend to those who suffer from ptsd of all kinds💗💚 You deserve relief☮️

  4. Brircebeept says:

    I am on it right now. Definitely something for at home. Immediate relief almost, like maybe 3 minutes, if that. Head to toe nerve massage, if you get my drift. Tingles, but better. Like blood pumping slowly all through your veins. wow. and that leaves me with euphoric, lol. I just yapped hubby’s ear off and he told me to go find people on here, ha ha. I think this one will be a regular. Happy puffin!

  5. PinupsBr says:

    Very impressed with this site! From their product range prices, quality to customer service and delivert service, evrything is just on point. So glad I came accross it. I have tried the MK Ultra and Pink Kush. Both strains were amazing! The buds, the taste, aroma effects, everything was beyind my expectation. Just placed my third order. Purple Kush. Hope it arrives soon. Super excited!

  6. tochilki_Pl says:

    If you’re looking for good quality strains at good prices, then pure marijuana store is the place for you. I’ve been their customer for 1.5 years now and so far everything I have ordered from them has been top-quality. They are definitely one of the best.

  7. PinupAz says:

    pure marijuana store is my favourite dispensary for so many reasons! All the places I have tried have either delivery issues or the quality of strains sucks. But pure marijuana store has none. My orders never got delayed and they never sent me low-quality stuff. If you haven’t ordered from them yet, you must.

  8. suvenirnaya_Kn says:

    This is potent and super tasty I never tired live resin been buying shatter for long time here thought I’d give it a try and wow it changed my life I will be buying more of this stuff black gas has been really good lately and still delivers the best quality thanks pure marijuana store

  9. автовыкуп says:

    I ordered 5 different strains from these guys. It was my first time ordering and I absolutely love their site. I also got a great discount. I loved all of them, but my absolute favourite was their Pink Kush. I’ve been smoking since I was 18 and I haven’t ever seen Pink Kush nugs look so great. I’m definitely placing an order again once I’m done with this one. Thanks for a great experience pure marijuana store

  10. enpinup says:

    Awesome weed, I ordered 4 different strains… 4 stars because the gelato was alright. The others (including black diamond) were better than I expected.

  11. pinuptr says:

    My favourite dispensary!
    Been ordering from them since a year now, I am in love with their AAAAA stuff! Order the Skywalker OG if you can. The quality will blow your mind!

  12. svarochnye_mn says:

    Yes this was an awesome experince. This was my first time ever buying from a site like this. I was littarly on my tippy toes worried that it was a scam and noone would show up. However that was not the case and everything was exactly like that advertise. It littarly took 5 hours if not sooner and the transaction was complete. In and out asap I would recommend. Also untill be purchasing with them again. Thank you so much!

  13. vavadaaz says:

    Website is absolutely the best and have the best costumer service. I place my order and package was delivered to me with in 3 business day. I recommend best websites ever.

  14. Phillipclous says:

    The service was fast, reliable, and your usual good info on tracking and such so uhh pretty uhhh pretty good!

  15. dostavka_btor says:

    Well it’s been nearly a year since my first purchase and I’m down close to $500. Money we’ll spent, however sometimes I need to take 2 gummies to feel the effects, sometimes I take one and don’t feel anything. Two gummies and 5 beers and I’m doing good. We’re over 70 and this stuff does wonders for your sex life.

  16. пинапказино says:

    Shipping was faster than I expected. The disposable Delta 8, Gorilla Glue, vape is perfect for me. It has a pleasant flavor, and the effects work well to take the edge on some sore joint issues. It also helps with sleeping.

  17. pinupказино says:

    Great products and best prices from a reputable store. I love these guys and their gummies. Want to relax and just chill out? Get some now…Easy to shop and so far all my orders have arrived sooner than expected. Just do it!

  18. credit_card_Quake says:

    The sour Diesel HHC is a lot better than regular delta8 I’m not saying delta 8 is bad it depends on what you are looking for I like it and I got a vape pen HHC pineapple Express damn I got a little to relaxed for about one hour and the munchies kicked in be sure to have enuff moon pie’s or you favorite munchies around in a day or so my delta 9 dummy’s will be here and 1 delta 8 pre rolled I’m confident I’ll be satisfied as I am with my HHC flower and the HHC vape thanks alot keep up the great work your friend in Florida.👍😉👽

  19. Ремонт says:

    The products are fine. The entire gummy experience is new to me.
    After my first or second order I kept getting packages from your company so I requested and reoccurring orders be canceled until further notice from me. I did return one package for a credit and it went smoothly without a problem. Thank you

  20. vavafi says:

    The products are fine. The entire gummy experience is new to me.
    After my first or second order I kept getting packages from your company so I requested and reoccurring orders be canceled until further notice from me. I did return one package for a credit and it went smoothly without a problem. Thank you

  21. ltvava says:

    A little help
    I have arthritic knees and narrowing of the nerve canals in my lower back.

    These gummed seem to help with the management of pain and help me sleep a little better.

    I don’t use them everyday but use them when my pain management prescription needs help with my tolerance of the chronic pain that goes along with my issues.

  22. perevozka_pnOr says:

    I have tried CBD products from other companies and never had the quality of product that I got from Pure Marijuana Store ⁴! I tried D8 soft gels, oils, gummies, and even D9 gummies. I will not change companies again

  23. Выводиззапоя says:

    a friend of a friend recommended your company. i am so grateful for the recommendation. i went on the website., made my selections and in a few days i received the products. thank you for your
    diligence. i will highly recommend your company to others.

  24. vanl says:

    my order hasn’t arrived yet, no problem i live in ga., it usually takes 5-6 days .
    this isn’t my first order , i’ve gotten these several times as well as tried other edibles.
    i shopped around looking for a good brand i could count on, quality and delivery being important. i read numerous ratings and articles. your name comes up a lot . so i tried it awhile ago and will continue to purchase your products.
    john me

  25. perevozka_exMr says:

    Having PTSD like I have makes living extremely difficult having tried dozens of different prescription medications and psychiatric therapy which basically didn’t do anything to help me at all the Pure Marijuana Store Delta 9 THC gummies however washes away all my problems and transforms me into a happier more content and focused person that I haven’t been in a very long time Off Pure Marijuana Store Delta 9 THC gummies are a gift of the God’s

  26. вавада says:

    I love this full-spectrum CBD oil. Really helps me relax. I’m sleeping better, my hair looks better, and I just feel better overall. I highly recommend this product due to its consistent quality, dose, and noticeable positive effects. It is reasonably priced and has free shipping. The vial was well-packed in bubble wrap inside of a box. Shipping via DHL took 4 days from Los Angeles to Georgia.

  27. Автовыкуп says:

    I’m really impressed with these gummies. Going through some stressful family drama at the moment, and really struggling to sleep. But with one of these in the evening, I relax and feel a little less tension from the day. Also has helped with my sore back too. A++

  28. karkasnye_lnkt says:

    I have placed two orders recently. Honestly, everything went extremely well. My orders were placed on the Pure Marijuana Store website, received on time, and I’m very happy with the product. I only wish that the prices weren’t so high. But I did get a generous discount on my last order.

  29. xbett says:

    Pure Marijuana Store is a high quality product. I bought this for my father who is suffering from bone cancer, which is extremely painful. After trying a few other brands, this is the only one that actually worked to reduce the pain and allow my dad to sleep.
    My only issue was the shipping time, way too long. Even paying extra did not help.

  30. mirrorcasi says:

    These gummies are wonderful. Calmed me down but not out with only a half gummy. Shipping went just fine. I referred Pure Marijuana Store to friend. I look for purity, organic, vegan and searched the internet and found Pure Marijuana Store. I will reorder and try other products, too

  31. casbe says:

    my experience with ew to date has been perfect. i have tried about half of their products and i think they are great. good clean fun any time of day. pricing is fair and slightly less than many others. the people who pack for shipment do an excellent job of making sure every arrives safe. thanks to all.

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