OUR GOAL The cannabinoids found in hemp have a way of bringing equilibrium within the human body. Our goal is to deconstruct the hemp plant, one cannabinoid at a time, so that we can test, analyse, and then reconstruct cannabinoid blends that are exponentially more beneficial than the hemp plant in its natural form. By doing this, we hope to help as many people as possible become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

ABOUT US, Pure marijuana store was founded by a biochemist with 15 years of product formulation experience after he witnessed the healing powers of marijuana first hand. Since then, pure marijuana store has focused on cannabinoid research and bringing minor cannabinoids to market in an effort to create the most effective products on the market. After developing a new way to make a pure version of top marijuana strain THC from hemp in September 2019, pure marijuana store was able to offer the USA’s and most countries of the world the first federally legal THC-dominant product since cannabis prohibition started. From that point on, we have been the leading Marijuana distributor in the United States. We offer a range of THC and CBD products for all of your recreational and medicinal needs.